Please join these South Burlington residents and thousands more voting Cota for Council.

Sandy Dooley: “Matt Cota takes into consideration the myriad consequences of a decision and pursues a balanced path forward. Cota’s community service record is impressive. I encourage you to join me in voting for Matt. “

Neale Lunderville: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt Cota for nearly 15 years and watching his thoughtful advocacy work statewide. In every forum, Matt always comes prepared, ready to listen, and with an open mind. He's passionate about fighting for working-class jobs, economic growth, and a more sustainable environmental future. In the upcoming election for South Burlington City Council, I'm casting my vote for Matt. He will represent us well and bring his energy, smarts, and a measure of balance to all discussions.

Dawn Philibert: “I have seen Matt manage contentious issues with respect and fairness.  I trust him to have South Burlington’s best interests at heart, and encourage you to support him in his quest for a seat on the City Council. Matt is fair-minded, realistic, skilled in public policy, and has utmost integrity. I cannot think of anyone who would be a greater asset to the City Council than Matt Cota.”

Lisa Ventriss: “Matt Cota is an experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful leader and has a demonstrated history of addressing challenging issues with transparency, fairness and respect for all views. Matt has well-respected business savvy, something needed in our COVID challenged environment. Business recovery in South Burlington is going to be essential to maintain a healthy revenue base. Matt is a much-needed voice for the South Burlington City Council.”

Kim Chittenden: "Matt has boundless energy and optimism which I find inspiring. His thoughtful approach is exactly what we need here in South Burlington.”

Allison Crowley: I’ve known Matt Cota for more than 15 years and will be voting for him for City Council.  Matt is smart, energetic, thorough in his research and thoughtful in his deliberations, as demonstrated by his role as Chair of the Development Review Board.  I trust Matt to cut through partisan politics and listen to voices of all persuasions to work toward our shared goal of a strong and vibrant South Burlington. Now more than ever South Burlington needs experienced, even-keeled leadership.  I hope you will join me in voting for Matt Cota.

John Dinklage: “There is a need to re balance the City Council, in my opinion, regarding efforts to preserve open space and building badly needed affordable housing. Matt has confidence in and supports the planning work done by our fine City staff and citizen committees. Matt has done a very good job, in my opinion, as chair of the Development Review Board. The DRB is the board which interprets and applies our zoning regulations regarding development proposals. Matt has a background in public policy, journalism, non-profit organizations and business. Please join me in electing Matt to our City Council.”

Peter Plumeau: ”I strongly encourage South Burlington voters to support Matt Cota for City Council. I have been impressed with Matt's insightful and dispassionate perspectives on critical issues facing our city, including regarding the need for affordable housing for the working families so important to South Burlington’s continued economic vitality and quality of life. I believe he will provide an important informed and balanced perspective that will help our City Council steer our community into a bright future. I hope you'll join me in voting for Matt.”

Betty Goldberg:  “I’m voting for Matt Cota for South Burlington City Council. Matt is top shelf! Reliable, hardworking, smart and POSITIVE. It is no wonder that Matt has so much support in the South Burlington community. A vote for Matt Cota is a vote for civility and honesty! Matt is fair and has tremendous integrity. He is young and energetic and will be a great City Council member.”

Brian Harwood: As a member of an older generation in South Burlington I am happy to endorse Matt Cota for South Burlington City Council. Matt has lots of energy and good common sense to be a great Council member. He is smart and fiscally responsible. He appreciates environmental stewardship and has high integrity for everything he takes on.  Matt is the right person for South Burlington City Council. He has my vote. Plus, any dog owner who cares for a Saint Bernard has earned my vote!"

Jim Woolfrey: "Over the years I have attended several South Burlington Development Review Board Meetings. During those meetings I found Matt to be particularly focused, fair and knowledgeable. In a word, professional. I am happy to see that he is running for City Council. I urge you to support Matt who will provide South Burlington with an independent, unbiased fair approach to the matters that come before him."

Jennifer Kochman: “I believe that Matt Cota is significantly well-prepared to deal with issues that our next City Council will address. In two terms on the Development Review Board, twice elected chair, Matt has served with distinction.  Matt  has shown leadership and a steady hand, and has avoided politicizing the issues facing the DRB.”

Frank Kochman: “The Development Review Board is an excellent training ground for appreciating the major issues that confront the City and for honing the capacity to recognize and reconcile legitimate competing interests. I served with Matt Cota on the DRB for three years, meeting every other week for two to four hours at a stretch, sometimes in contentious hearings. Matt was a good colleague and a Chair who exercised authority easily but decisively. He impressed me with his consistent fair-mindedness, energy and commitment to public service. Matt's experience, judgment, and temperament make him the right choice for City Council.”

Matt Birmingham: “I appreciate Matt's sincere, pragmatic and non-partisan approach along with his dedication and commitment to our community."

John and Nancy Simson: Thank you for considering Matt Cota by taking a look at his website for further details on his credentials.

Frank Cioffi: “I’m voting for Matt Cota for South Burlington City Council. Matt has the experience and patience to mediate complex public policy issues. He listens to the concerns of the community. He is committed to making South Burlington economically sustainable. Matt is focused on finding solutions for our city and searching for the right balance between growth and our natural environment. Please join me in voting for Matt Cota.”

Pam Mackenzie: “It is a sincere pleasure to endorse Matt Cota for the South Burlington City Council. Matt has significant, factual knowledge about the opportunities facing our community; and an exceptional curiosity, lack of ego and willingness to work together to address problems facing us in these difficult times.  We need Matt Cota to work on ensuring smarter development; that will grow our grand list, not add more congestion to our roads, and help keep South Burlington financially sound.”

Ian Davis: “Matt Cota is my clear choice for South Burlington City Council. It is of utmost importance to me to have a Council member who clearly understands the need for South Burlington to be affordable to new young families. The vibrancy of South Burlington and “building a proud tradition” can only continue if new generations are attracted to South Burlington and can afford to be here. Matt gets this. He has a proven track record of finding solutions for challenging problems and bringing about consensus in reasonable and thoughtful ways. He’s fiscally and environmentally balanced. A nice combination. Matt Cota for SB City Council.”

Tyler Barnes: “If we – South Burlington's citizens – are going to realize our City's potential, we're going to need to work together. Doing so requires leadership that is willing to address the concerns of constituents on both sides of an issue…and that is willing to accept and acknowledge differing points of view. Matthew Cota provides this kind of leadership. Matt's experience affords a balanced perspective on many of the issues our City is facing, including affordability, economic growth, density, and our role in protecting the environment.”

William Eddy: "I think that we need some fresh faces on the city council. I look forward to supporting you.”

Sarah Cota: I encourage you to vote for my husband, Matt, for City Council. I am amazed at how much time he devotes to his work on the Development Review Board. He enjoys collaborating with other volunteers, city staff, and community members to solve complex issues. Matt is a critical thinker and seeks opportunities to engage in productive discourse. He is a wonderful role model for our children! In an increasingly partisan world, Matt truly listens to all points of view and wants what is best for South Burlington. While campaigns can be divisive, Matt stays positive and focused on what we all have in common. Matt is determined to make South Burlington a place where our own children can one day return to work, live, and raise their own families.